Crunch Time

As the king of making excuses, one of my royal duties is to see out new ways to avoid updating my blog. A plethora of excuses became vastly abundant as Hailie recently started working from home full-time and we converted the catch-all room into a complete home office. That's weird and far too adult for me, so I've been on the computer significantly less in the last few weeks. I read the news from my phone, check my appointments on my iPad, and for the most part, I've been replacing the time with catching up on an incredible amount of gaming. Xbox games with gold filled my library with a ton of incredible titles, and I've really been enjoying a bit of time for myself. I'm filling up on it now because I know the next 14 days, 45 days, 90 days, and possibly 365 days (I've got a plan b), are all going to be little milestone days in this adventure.

Oh yeah, while I was gone,  Karlo graduated and starts at The Beardsmith later this week. I'm stoked for that guy, and I know he will find success quickly. 


That means.....I'm next. November 6th is my projected graduation date. shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit that's close. Sitting in this home office, that I have literally up until this point had spent VERY LIMITED time in, I realize that I need to start adulting about a few things I need to do to keep my head in the game, because I am going to be on what will seem like an excruciatingly long break in between haircuts.

November 6th is when I should be done with my hours at school, but the next state board's exam isn't until December 7th. Once I have passed that exam, they send away the results to get processed, and I can pick it up when the license is ready. For context to the amount of time there, Karlo tested on 10/5 and wasn't able to pick up his paperwork until today, 10/21. Based on that timeline, I can hypothetically say I will get my license the week of Christmas. 7 weeks since my prior haircut.........frustrating. 

So the new schedule will be a lot of me hanging out at the shop (and I already know what you're thinking but I'll make that announcement later. For now, Karlo gets to have his day), helping out where I can on my days off as I transition back into full-time hours at DirecTV. I'm not excited about going back to full-time, but it was part of the deal in going to school is that we can put aside a nest egg because of the bankruptcy. I'm giving myself until valentine's day to make the full transition. That also provides me health insurance again (I lost it when I went to part time hours) so I can give myself a clean bill of health. Nothing I need for the license, just for me. I still struggle with my emotions ever since I got off of my medication, and there have been some really rough days in the midst of the good ones. I just want to talk about what options I can pursue to level out a bit. 

So here's my agenda for the next 7 weeks:

Sun - Work 9a-8p
Mon - Work 9a-8p
Tues - Shop 9a-12n / Possible work OT
Wed - Shop 9a-12n / Possible work OT
Thur - Work 9a-8p
Fri - Work 9a-8p
Sat - Shop 9a-5p

After I receive my license I will be staying until 5p on Tues-Wed, up until I quit my job and leave that life behind me. As much as I hate going back, I'm excited that Hailie found a great job that she enjoys, and also that her paychecks will be coming in around the same time my hours double. A lot of the stress we've been feeling is starting to lift. I just will be excited to take my foot out of that career, use what the industry and experiences taught me, and apply those to the person I'm building myself up to be.

Now if only I could work on this beard..........

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