Friday the 13th

I am done. Today, Friday the 13th, I clock out for the final time at school.

Yesterday I had to get all of my paperwork signed and make sure the financial aid portion was taken care of, but all my ducks are in a row. I'm registered for the state board exam (which the date is a week past what I initially planned, so now I will be taking my test on Hailie's 30th birthday), I've completed all of my haircuts, shaves, theory hours, tests, everything. 

The real world is closing in on me.

Today is about relaxing as much as I possibly can, avoiding the harsh reality of adulting and going back to full-time hours while I wait the 4 weeks before I can test for state boards. One of the simplest joys that will come with today is the fact that I don't have to wear black. I actually get to choose what I want to wear for my clock out day. Now this is exciting for 3 reasons.

1. I hate black. Not a black shirt, or a pair of black shorts, or even a black peacoat, all of which I own and look good during their time and place, but black on black on black and having little to no variety. No more dress code, other than the one I set for myself. It's the little things in life.
2. I'm narrowly avoiding the school's recent placement of the hammer on dress code, and I only had to deal with two days of black on black on black with no white or color accessories of any kind.
3. I love coincidences. For the past four weeks, I have gone every single day to school with an abstract (read into that as incorrect) definition of the dress code waiting for it to be brought up, and it never was. And it never would have been. The point of a dress code is one of two things, you either want conformity or you want professionalism. I dressed professionally in every color shirt I owned rarely actually in more than black slacks. Other students came to school with frayed jeans, but still wearing all black. Those students were talked to, I never was. Both of us were breaking the rules, but it was selective feedback that was being given. In order to effectively lead people, and have them receive the full extent of the message or lesson you are trying to provide, you have to be able to give a consistent message. On Saturday, I finally was the one to bring it up to the faculty and I asked them why they hadn't held me accountable. This was prior to my rant that ruffled some feathers at the end of the day. After all of that, when we all came back to school yesterday, they had announced an all-school, black out dress code policy. Ah, I get it, this way there's no misinterpretation of what is and isn't allowed. There's even dress code fashion police of sorts. I love it because the point I was trying to make was finally heard, it's just unfortunate that this was the only method they were able to manage. But I do love the fact that I'm missing out actually seeing the fruits of my lack of labor in exchange for having the ability to duck out after dealing with it for only two days, so I really have no room to complain.

Other than not dealing with the dress code, I'm blocked out from appointments all day, I might do something random with my own hair because, why not? My mom is coming in to have her be my last haircut, and then at 3:15 I'm rushing home to start playing fallout 4. I have a weekend for excitement, because next week I need to get things in order.

Bank Account
Tax ID
Business Cards
Shopping List
Study - Only 4 weeks until the test.

I think a haiku will sum it up.

graduation day
more stress than relaxation
welcome to the world.

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