A day to myself

It's 10 at night on my day off, and my mind is refreshed. I was able to have my mom over for a few hours, and it was nice because even though we live in the same town, I haven't had a chance to see her in weeks.

I forget how much the mind needs an opportunity to relax and find comfort in the simple things in life. I started today out by getting my haircut, but once I got home it was Hailie and I all day. We inflated our guest bed and moved the living room furniture around, so she was able to take a nap while I played xbox for a few hours. Kept today simple by surrounding myself with people I love, and hobbies I enjoy.

But for the last 2 hours, I've been focusing on school tomorrow. There is an interview/lecture program that I have as part of school, and this month's session was on social media and creating a personal brand. Now, I have always known that going into an industry where I have to sell myself and my skills, it is VITAL that I brand myself properly. That thought was essentially the birthplace of The Barber Story. But it seems that there is much more that I need to learn, and more importantly, there are changes that I HAVE to make in order to be successful.

Change 1 - I deleted my entire calendar. my life before was unorganized, and I had birthday reminders of my ex-wife's family, and I was clinging on to a lot of my past. I have used the handle "easytochris" for close to a decade, and I have clung tightly to it. But there has to be a point where I move forward into the rest of my life. So in realizing I had created all of these new logins, I hadn't done much with any of them. So I started my new google calendar, and built my days. If Something is important, I'm going to make time for it. Hailie is important, so I ensure I make time for her. School is important, so I have to make sure I plan out time to study and read. Working out is important, now I just need to figure out where to get the energy because I'm already exhausted by the time I start.

But listening to this month's session, it brings up a bigger question. I started this because I want to share my experiences, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want to read about the parts I choose to share. So for everyone following this page, I'm asking for your help to make this a page you want to come back to. 

What would you like to know about? Would you like to see more updates that are less wordy, or less frequent updates that have more content? Do you prefer seeing pictures of what's going on in school, and would you like to see more about my personal life?

Let me know my opportunities for growth in the comment section. -Chris

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