Up and onward

Today was a good day. But before I get into that, I want to fill you in on Thursday.

This is the story of how Karlo and I cosplayed as Derek Zoolander and Hansel. 

I'm not an ambi-turner

About a week ago, Danny (barber student) said Amanda suggested us to be models for a fashion show the school is putting on as a fundraiser for the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation. We didn't think much of it, so why not.....right?

Thursday morning I woke up a little later than I usually do. I hate feeling late because it usually throws off my balance for the day. I had a few haircuts that day, and Hailie calls me in the middle of my last one. Her side had been hurting her again, so she decided to go back to the doctor. She left me a voicemail explaining how the medication she just finished didn't get rid of her kidney infection. The doctor was concerned with the ER's decision to prescribe her the specific medication that they did, as it was notorious for being ineffective against infections. He prescribes her something different.


So waking up late usually means I don't have time to make lunch, but that's okay today because I'm busy during lunch today anyways. I left at 3:30 to pick up the prescription at Costco. The pharmacist tells me everything I must relay to Hailie. Twice a day with 8 ounces of water. Don't go in the sun unless you intend to burn like a crisp. Check and double check. She decides to take the first one after we get home from the fashion show.

When I get home I know exactly what I plan to wear. I had it in my head when I was told what the theme was. I cinch up the belt to my slacks and begin swimming. 34 waist, I haven't been a 34 in a year and a half. Crap. Some people eat their anxiety, mine withers away. What about my plan b? 34. Plan c? I'm noticing a trend. Hangry from not eating since breakfast, and realizing that I now have only five minutes to get ready to be there by 5, I was not very pleasant. I put on my bow tie and leave. Thirty seconds after turning out of the driveway was how long it took to realize I forgot Hailie's ticket in my toolbox. We turn around and my migraine from the day is growing by the moment between hunger and frustrations. I go inside, grab the ticket and a snack bag of Cheetos. We had dinner plans after, so I didn't want to grab anything big.

We get to the powerhouse, and we find that it's about as hot inside as it is outside. Then we heard the horrible news. With an outdoor temperature of 103 outside the AC is broken. This day keeps getting better. We're going to be here a minimum of 3 more hours before we can eat.

Karlo and I make jokes about how we're both too old for this crowd. But the cosmetology students did some amazing things that I wouldn't have even begun to imagine. The barbers and models were there to brung our A game, and I think we managed.

So for two hours while we wait for the show to actually start, we're going in and out to debate what was cooler. Outside in the shade was typically cooler, so we stayed out there for the most part. We have our five minutes walk, and during the final walk through I got the crowd involved and worked, and it was a lot of fun being involved in something I haven't done before, but without exaggeration the best part of the experience was getting to leave. That's not my crowd, and it's too chaotic for my taste. 

After dinner, we go home and takes her medication. All we want at this point is to go to bed.

2:33 am -
"CHRISTOPHER!" Hailie was damn near in a heart attack frenzy. She was having an anxiety attack like I had never seen before, but I was half asleep half awake and all exhausted from an insanely long day, so I was admittedly having a difficult time following her for a few minutes. She had me feel her pulse, and it felt like she was 2/3 into a half marathon with how fast her heart was beating.I wake up and help talk her through the anxiety attack.

What the hell did the doctor put her on?

Friday I was absolutely exhausted. Physically, mentally, just absolutely drained of energy and the ability to fake it.

But today was great. Christian came in for a cut and shave and he had texted Hailie what kind of drink I like from Starbucks and he brought me my favorite drink. My moms came in and I cleaned up their cuts, but Hailie let me drastically change her hair.

I told Charles what I wanted to do, and he asked me if I wanted to see something cool. "Did you know you could do this haircut with nothing but clippers?" Sometimes I think the guy lives off of blind excitement because he knows I want to see every unconventional method of doing things I possibly can. We comb out the hair and says, "This is clay, it will just turn into whatever you chisel out of it." 

So we went at it for 90 minutes. I'm slow, but I'm having fun and I'm learning. Plus I keep incorporating things into each cut that I either learned from a prior cut or realized was a good practice I hadn't been using. And I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I may focus a ton on the negative, but this week ended on a positive. Hopefully I can take it into the call center this weekend........no promises.


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