Swan Falls Wedding

I love living in Boise, but even more than that, I absolutely love the Treasure Valley. I always talk about having grown up as an army brat, moving from station to station, but specifically I focus on how I romanticize over the memories of where I lived, and the impact my age played into the ideas of those places that followed me into an older age. Georgia is where I was a little kid. There were tons of gigantic bugs to investigate, I could go into the woods to play paintball with my dad and older brother. It was perfect for the age I was there. Alaska was the same way, because who at the age of 8 wouldn't want to wake up with enough snow to build snow forts and igloos? And do I really need to elaborate on the joys of being a teenage boy in Hawaii? Thought not.

I keep these as romantic memories because I never find myself in a state of mind that finds any kind of rationale to ever move back to any of those places. I simply do not want to ruin the recollection I have. It's kind of like watching Pocahontas as an adult, it just kills everything you once loved about it.

I have lived in Boise for 14 years. When I was 15, I hated Idaho. Idaho didn't have my friends, Idaho was cold, it seemed like Idaho was as close to hell as I could get, only this time, I didn't have the opportunity of a new location at the end of my dad's orders (like I had become so used to) given the fact we moved here after his retirement to be closer to my mom's family.

It took a lot of searching, but I have fallen in love with Idaho. Even though I was raised in the Bible Belt, the Treasure Valley will always be home. It took me a decade to find my favorite part of Idaho, and the funny part is that it came from Wyoming. Our wedding will be an amazing memory for the two of us, as it truly represents everything we love about our city. We enjoyed delicious food and vibrant art in downtown Boise, drove an hour to one of our favorite places, and spent the afternoon on an adventure at a historic landmark.

Hailie and I wanted to tie together what we love in a few of our favorite places, and then share those experiences with some of our favorite people. This was our day.

All photography by Janine Pinnix Photography