Brick & Mortar Update

Don't let it be understated that when I say I have the first year planned out, I do mean it. Here's where my neuropathy has led me.


  • 15-page code of conduct written
  • Lease Agreement Written
  • Created 1st Year Calendar of Events
    • Rotation of exhibitors planned
    • Bi-monthly community events dated with individual 90-day timelines for planning and follow-up
    • Timeline for new barber search & expansion.
    • Timeline for peak marketing opportunities
  • Ordered a new Nomatic Planner
  • Ordered 4x barber stations
  • Ordered 1x retail display
  • Acquired 2x mirrors 
  • Floors are installed
  • Baseboards are installed
  • Walls and accents are painted
  • Shampoo bowls are purchased and installed
  • Dryer is purchased
  • Retail hair product has been received
  • Shampoo back bar supplied
  • Broom purchased for EyeVac
  • Project Shadow Box - Complete
  • Tissues Stocked
  • Paper Towels Stocked
  • Decor Established

Still To Do:

  • File Barbershop Establishment
  • File new contiguous license
  • Window replacement on 11/22
  • Order signage
  • Get water cooler
  • Stock toilet paper
  • Install barber stations 
  • Hang air plants above each station
  • Install and stock retail display
  • Install Dryer
  • Purchase / Install Washing Machine
  • Install Security System
  • Copy over the 1st year in physical planner & adhere to strict deadlines
  • Move in and let this become normal

Awaiting Arrival (In Transit/Production):

  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Lapel Pins (100)
  • Stickers (100)
  • 4x Barber Stations
  • 1x Retail Display
  • Security System


I feel like I'm forgetting so much.

But here's some of the more fun part of the updates. I'm being tight-lipped about what I've been posting, but I'm kind of giddy to show everyone what I've been doing with the space now that it's almost done.

When I first met with the property management company, it was in the bare bones of the salon that had previously occupied the space. I was in an entirely fortunate situation because the last tenant was in my industry, so all of the plumbing and electric was EXACTLY where I needed it to be, so there was no need to muddy the floor plans trying to account for where stations needed to be.


The copper paint and texture worked well with the decorations that were in there before, but it definitely wasn't my vision for the space. In a fortunate turn of events, the floor panels had shrunk over the years, and the entire floor needed to be replaced. I asked if I could pick out the floors and walls since they were going to hire a professional to do it anyways, and they were fine with it, all I had to do was pick up the paint.

So the construction begins....


The textured paint went down as the floor panels slowly come up. Then came the most important decision I could make. Gray.......or gray?


I went with gray. 


I've passed this space every day in between my apartment and Muse, and I've only been able to see it while Mario was working in the day, and he never kept any of the lights on to see how bright it could actually look with proper lighting.

Today, 11.16.17 I was handed the key to my first barbershop. There are still a few days of paint & construction, plus all of my move in errands, but it's shaping up quite nicely.

Here's what the bare bones of the barbershop that will occupy this space look like.


I have a few other things that I'll share, BUT I CAN'T!! Not yet at least.

Just know this - If my level of excitement for how the space is shaping up can be considered a precursor to the main event, I'm bursting at the seams with excitement to tell you what other great things The Barber Story will be offering in the upcoming months.

Tell all your friends that there's a newer fancier they can book their appointments from.

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