New Service Menu (Razor Fades, Beard Grooming Options, & Mustache Trims)

Go check out my new service menu page!

Now that the shameless promotion has been thrown out there, I've been tossing around a few ideas with restructuring the website (as I always seem to do) and I realized I like the overall design, but I kept getting feedback from my clients that my service page was difficult to read and that it wasn't easy to find the salon or book online. 

I hope that with the recent refinement of my website I have addressed all of the issues you all brought up.

I also have been asking myself how I could better introduce services that I previously didn't have on my menu. Razor fades are now available, and they can be booked directly through the link found in the service menu. I've also recognized that more and more men have been coming to me for their beard shaping needs, but not everyone wants to have a razor finish. On top of charging that client an equal cost for an unequal service, I've also prepared hot towels that go unused which contribute to frequent loads of laundry taken home. I've decided to start a basic beard grooming service at $10 that provides shaping with a trimmer edge neckline and cheek line. For those who enjoy the hot towel shave experience, a hot towel razor lineup can be added on for an additional $10. In doing this, I can more adequately accomodate all of my client's needs.

Another service that I added onto the menu is mustache trims. I've been struggling with what I want to do with a February promotion with Valentines Day to have proceeds go to another organization I support. With the direction that the current presidential administration is moving, I worry that this organization will continue to need assistance moving forward, so here is how that promotion will work. Mustache trims are $1. There's no catch to it. If you have a haircut scheduled and just want your wife to feel your kiss good night, or if you want to swing on by before a first date, I will only a charge $1 for getting the dangle off your lip. Every dollar of every mustache trim will be donated to Planned Parenthood. There is no expiration to this promotion because Planned Parenthood does some amazing things for low-income families, and they provide many great services outside of the one that causes the greatest controversy. I encourage you all to learn more about what they offer by clicking this link.

I hope you all enjoy the website redesign, I'm having fun with constantly tinkering and making it a better experience for you. Until next time.