Happy New Year!!

Happy 2016! I wanted to break this post into 3 quick stories.

A story of the past.

I met Pete at a travel agency we worked at together shortly after he moved here with a few friends from Twin Falls. He introduced me to his friends, and we've become an extended family over the past 7 years. Every year for New Year's Eve we have all gotten together for a formal get together, or party of some kind, and it's been tradition to at least be together. That tradition has now run it's course, and with 2016 will be the end to an era, of sorts. Later this year, Russ and Tess will be moving to New York, and Cory & Britt will be moving to California, all to start new chapters in their own lives. Pete and Ty will be staying in Boise, but they are moving from the outskirts of town to the heart of the north end. This is the group of friends that I helped start a card game with back in March (I'm so proud of how go download your free copy here), but had to step away because of all the time constraints with school and work. Last night I told them all I'm bummed to see our tradition come to a close, but I am thrilled to see where our separate lives take us simultaneously.

A story of the present.

I am now available to book online. All the prep work that was 2015 is now practice. Every day will be one step closer to being where I want to be. You will always be able to come back to TheBarberStory.com to book appointments using the link that I have on the left hand side of the page.

A story of the future.

2016 is the year that I turn 30. I got out of the shower this afternoon, and looked at the mantra I wrote in dry erase on my bathroom mirror. "You are worth the extra time spent." My 20's offered me anxiety, depression, unhealthy weight loss, and more stress than I care to deal with. My 30's are already looking like they will be filled with good hair, a beard, rock and roll, good friends, the girl of my dreams, and growth in a city that I love that will be growing around me. Fuck my 20's, my 30's are going to be epic.

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