Gift Vouchers Available

I've had a number of people ask me over the past month if I had any plans to offer a gift card or certificate, and it always made me think back to the situations revolving around gift certificates in my first shop. How did the barbers get paid? What happens to the remaining balance? Can it be used on any retail, and if so how do you account for the taxes? The back end of tracking gift certificates can be a logistical nightmare, so P.O.S. systems recently started offering  gift card services to small businesses at rates that are (IMHO) hardly worth the cost for the amount of convenience provided. So how can I make a system that works for all parties without compromising anything? And then I asked myself a stupid question. "Why does someone buy a gift certificate to a barbershop?" The answer is simply, "to give the gift of a haircut." Every single time a wife or girlfriend came into the shop to buy a gift certificate, they would typically ask two questions. It would start off with, "Can I get a gift certificate?" This would quickly be followed by, "How much are haircuts?"

Why force decision making on the recipient of a gift when the intention of the gift giver is to provide a specific service? I don't think you should, and that's why I've decided to begin offering gift vouchers. This was a simple process to build, and it makes better sense to me that someone give a gift with a purpose. Don't give a $25 decision, give them a hair style they can get excited about or let them experience their first hot towel shave from an actual barber.

Don't juggle your holiday shopping. Buy 3 Get 1 Free - December 2016

On top of just simply having them available, they are conveniently launching around the same time as your holiday shopping. Coincidences should be recognized, so I might as well throw out a great buy 3 get 1 free* promotion for the rest of the year. Yay coincidences!!

*Gift vouchers are available for pickup at Muse Salon & Spa, 280 N. Latah St. Boise, ID, 83706. Appointments can be made in advance based on calendar availability on
Promotional voucher of equal or lesser value