Easier Online Booking w/ Redesigned Website

This is just going to be a quick update because I keep getting asked how things have been going and I'm tired of saying "busy."

Every time I rebuild my website, two things happen.

  • I learn more about the aesthetic design of my website, slowly inching myself closer to the abstract concept of "what I want my website to look like."
  • I realize that I'm at a new milestone in either my life or my career.

My dad used to joke about the Bentley curse. We tend to never be satisfied until we break it down and rebuild it 1,000 times, and we make mountains out of molehills for anything we come in contact with. I've come to terms with this reality and tried to find ways to be productive by making improvements at each rebuild. I've streamlined a few pages, made things easier to find, and I finally added a gallery of afters that will update as new ones get posted, so there should always be some recent additions of what is happening at the salon. I feel like this is the first "grown up" version of the website. Kind of like me when I turned 22. I had some experience I could finally use, and now I'm ready to share more of it with the world, even though I know there is much more to learn.

I find myself focusing more on defining the future than reminiscing on the past. I've set a goal to begin construction on the next chapter in May 2018, so I've been more focused on building an investor proposal alongside a structured business plan that can be presented on paper. Nothing that I can post here until after the fact as I have to keep those cards pretty close to my chest, but I'm excited all the same. Other than that, the past two months have been filled with some fun events that I can talk a little about.

Restructuring my work week was a success. Having an actual weekend to myself so I can consistently get caught up on my projects and to simply have a break from the week at large has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Working Sundays has proven to be a great option for the community because of the sheer number of men who already have Sunday off but didn't have an option available to them. Monday's are slowly building, and I'm finding more out of towners are finding me from my yelp and google reviews.

Speaking of which, have you seen what people have been saying about The Barber Story on Yelp and Google? I've been pretty humbled to hear that you have continued to stay with me through this journey and have been sharing my services with your friends and colleagues.

That's my story,
Come tell me yours.