Keeping up with the unreal momentum (2nd Year Best of Boise Winners)

Over 7 months have passed since I last updated the shop’s blog. Let’s recap how the shop has been doing on the surface.

  • Chris, Chase, and Jimbo are all consistently booked out roughly 7 - 10 days out in advance.

    • Significantly more financial stability for all barbers over where the business was 12 months ago.

  • Hired a 4th barber with 5+ years of experience who is available for same day bookings and walk-in appointments.

    • Existing brand reach and recognition from 4 years of SEO developments has proven successful in creating work with minimal effort.

  • Placed top 3 in the Boise Weekly Best of Boise competition for a second consecutive year.

    • Shop loyalty is nurtured through an atmosphere of genuine enjoyment by all who enter.

  • Personal hobbies have begun to evolve into work ventures.

    • 2019 has become the year of content creation.

I cannot stress how much I appreciate the people who walk in through the shop’s front door. They have allowed me to create a lifestyle where I can take care of my family, create opportunities for others to take care of their loved ones, all while having fun.

There are a few upcoming changes to anticipate for Summer & Fall 2019. I will be on the lookout for a 5th part time barber to share my chair with, and I will personally be phasing out my loyalty pricing structure and moving into a schedule that will allow me to continue marketing the barbershop as well as other local businesses through a new business venture I will be starting around the same time. These are some exciting changes that I know will make The Barber Story an experience unparalleled in the Treasure Valley, and as such we will continue striving to be the Best of Boise because Boise deserves The Barber Story at our best. If you haven’t seen the difference for yourself, book an appointment with one of the barbers or stop on by and see why we have no plans on going anywhere.