Muse Salon & Spa - Online Booking Now Available

Before I get into this, I want to take a moment to thank all of you for being so supportive of me this week, I was blown away by the amount of love I felt. It has been an overwhelming week with all of the decisions I had to make, and my stress levels hit new plateaus, but all of your words of motivation and encouragement helped me through it.

From all that I am, thank you.

Now for the exciting part. Starting November 1st, I will be the exclusive barber at Muse Salon & Spa, located at 280 N. Latah St. in Boise. Online booking is now available!

Muse is conveniently tucked behind Ann Morrison park by going up Americana and taking a left onto Latah. Seven minutes away from where I've been performing services, I wanted to make sure my move didn't inconvenience any of my existing clients. As an added bonus, instead of struggling for downtown parking that you have to pay for, free parking is available in our lot. 

Due to the circumstances of me coming on board, I found myself in need of purchasing a barber chair that can accommodate traditional services such as a hot towel shave, neck lineups, barber facials, and really anything that would require you to be in a reclined position. The chair is already in transit, but I am anticipating it's arrival either Friday 11/4, or Monday 11/7. Unfortunately, I will be limited to the services I can provide until the chair arrives, this includes complimentary services for my Movember promotion, but I think you will all be excited to see the level of quality that I am holding myself accountable to in all aspects of running The Barber Story.

Additionally, men's grooming products will be coming in the next few weeks, I have signed up to be a wholesaler with a few companies, and once I narrow down the products that match my standard of quality, they will be ordered and available for you to recreate the look of a barbershop at home.

This is my soft launch into a new world, and I couldn't be more excited to share with you what I have planned for weeks to come.