State Board Exam Day 1: The Practical Exam

I drank too much coffee this morning. Today was Hailie's 30th birthday, so we went out to Goldy's for breakfast. I rarely get anything more than water, but today I downed refill after refill of coffee. My nerves were already going early this morning. 

There is nothing about boards that should be nerve-racking, and the process itself wasn't too bad, but now it's a matter of a waiting game. I won't have my results for a week or two. I'm confident that I'll pass, but I already know that I will build this up in my head the more I think about it, so for right now I'm just doing my best to relax and not stress about it.

Tomorrow is the theory test, 65 questions covering all chapters of the book. I will have my results when I leave. 

Still need to set up a tax ID, bank account, get my square account synced with that bank account, and get business cards. I'm pretty sure for the sake of avoiding the headache of taxes for one week of work, this will all be ready to go on 1/1/16.

New year. New career. New Chris.

Watch out.

Chris BentleyComment