I got 1000 gamer score on my first game today. I have never hit 1k before, so I was pretty stoked that I got everything I could. Although now I just want to get Forza Horizon 2 next time it goes on sale for gold. 

I kept getting frustrated. I haven't played a forza game since the original xbox and the original forza motorsport. I wanted to play it as an arcade style racer, but didn't quite take to heart how much work went in to ensuring accuracy in handling.  I kept crashing everywhere. Everyone of my races I would race to the end and pay no mind to what  was actually in front of me. Sure I'd get the win, but my car was completely ruined.

Something clicked and I started slowing down in the turns. I started tapping the gas instead of holding it hostage. I started focusing further down the road and anticipating movements of oncoming cars. It just made more sense.

And then Hailie and I redecorated the bedroom. It's kind of a bohemian diy bed with elegant handmade lighting (very pintersty) and we've talked about what she wanted to do three times before, but as we were getting everything prepared I found myself measuring out the bed frame, and it wasn't something that had been in the plan. It's not that I don't listen, I get so caught up in the process that all I can see is what's right in front of me. I can't see the finished product in my head. She said trust me and I did. I built the new headboard and got everything set up like she wanted, and it's far better than anything I could have thought of. 

Anticipate your immediate challenges, but don't be so caught up on them that you miss what's ahead. Change your perspective and be open to the change it might bring. It worked in forza, so there's obviously some real world application to be had there.

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