The Reality

I have one week left in core. The way that learning is broken down is everybody goes into core classes to start. General population of sorts. Once all of the fundamental bulding blocks are covered, you divide into your specific fields of study.  Day 1 there was a total of six students (2 nail techs, 2 cosmos, 2 barbers) and by day 3 we were down to 4 because the nail techs really only needed to focus on the school orientation. So next week, Karlo and I move from core to protoge' and focus more on what we came to school for. My original expectation of this was that we would be moving into a larger group of barbers and it would be an instructor to about 10 of us. Turns out, this is a new enough program that it will be the 2 students to 1 teacher.

This is amazing. UH-MAY-ZING. 

Stay humble, eep your head low, and don't get caught up in the drama. You came here for a reason, and you're in the same place as those who came before.  But lunch is over now, onto triangular layers with a blowdry.