I have specifically been putting off this update due to this.

This was my reaction when my moms came over on Tuesday night and surprised me with an early birthday present, and I genuinely had no idea about it in advance. This is actually the bigger surprise, as Hailie is terrible at keeping secrets. And apparently Charles was in on it, too. With where I feel I'm at, as far as my level of talent goes, getting new shears is kind of like shooting bb guns in the cub scouts, and then your dad takes you to go shoot his .45. You realize there's this huge difference once you get to a certain level, but all this time you're just trying to earn your webelo's badge. 

So I got new shears. This is mostly exciting for me, but it's only as exciting as my ability to use them.

Wednesday I went to school STOKED with the idea of "I'm going to get to try out my new shears today." I only had a military high and tight, no shears necessary. That's okay, I'll get to use them tomorrow. 

Thursday I didn't have a single walk in. That's okay, the swivel thumb is different and they fit more snug so I used today to practice palming and also to take note of the difference in the scissor over comb motion. I'll get to use them tomorrow. 

Friday I didn't have a single walk in. DAMMIT, I JUST WANT TO USE THESE NEW SHEARS!!!!

Then came in my first walk in today, Michael. As soon as I started talking to him, I could tell he was a very humble, and soft-spoken person. During our consultation, he stated that he just didn't want to look homeless and needed to be more presentable since it had been about three months since his last haircut. He had been in the Army for 8 years, but he hadn't been working for a bit of time. After talking for a few minutes, I found out that he actually was homeless; he had been living in his Jeep for about 23 months after his wife left him. I started talking to him about my dad and how homelessness has impacted me and that one of the reasons I got into barbering is because I was very passionate about wanting to give back to the community as a whole, and haircuts for the homeless is going to be a major priority of mine once I get my license and have the vessel to pursue it. We finished up the service and I wished him a good day and he wished blessings on me. 

I was pretty deep in thought while I walked back to my chair. As I was cleaning my station I looked over to Karlo and said, "This is where the rubber meets the road, huh?" I don't care if I make money doing this, Michael's day was changed by a simple action and 30 minutes of conversation. That in itself is worth more than a paycheck could ever provide.

I try conveying that sentiment to other barbers, and it doesn't click with them. Their goals are geared towards providing the best possible life for their families. That's not saying I want Hailie and I to live in poverty. Not at all, I know what money struggles are and I don't want to see them again, but I don't need to live outside my means just because I can afford it. My goal has never been to make a ton of money. If I do that's great, but all that means is that we have more opportunity to be involved in the betterment of others. 

So getting back to today, my second walk in came in. He wanted to take an inch and a half off the top. OH MY GOD, I GET TO USE MY NEW SHEARS!! I got to do a razor faded comb over. I'm terrible at fades, so both Danny and Henry came over to help me. It's something that takes a lot of precision, otherwise it looks terrible. Overall it came out great, but with as much as Henry fixed the back I didn't feel right taking an after picture. If it's not 100% my work, I can't take the credit of it being my work. I'm a perfectionist yes, but it's pushing me to get better and take on new challenges.

And then lastly, my moms came in and I got to take care of Amanda's hair. Days like today remind me my focus needs to remain. Stop focusing on the negativity. The shop I'm going to build will be huge, but there's no room for any of that negative shit.

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