To most people, parenthood brings a sense of fulfillment that cannot be experienced by those without children. It may be the simple maternal/paternal instincts that give some that sense of yearning to bear children, or it may be the feeling of immortality that consumes you by furthering your bloodlines. Whatever reason it is that people choose to have children, it changes them into a person they wouldn't have been able to be otherwise.

The idea of me having children is so comical that I'm still not quite sure why some people think I would make a great dad. I look at things far too logically to ever think that having kids would be a good idea. I tried explaining it once, "There are too many things that I want to do with my own life, and I don't want to share that time with children. I will always have to choose between my career and being a father, with one having a greater priority, and by not having one as an option I will be able to focus my dreams on whatever sacrifices are necessary to make them come true.

While it allows my personal life a different level of freedom that parenthood prevents, there are quite a few ethical reasons I don't want to have children. With the ever increasing population of the world, I find it irresponsible to procreate when there are children in need of foster families and adoption. And I honestly believe this is my only existence, so I want it to be as much fun as it can be for Hailie and I with traveling, and seeing as much of this world as we can. It's incredibly unfair for us to sacrifice our own dreams for a life that doesn't even exist.

Not having children, to me, is a giant sense of freedom.

So why have I been seeing so many children come into the school? Time for kids to start going back to school. Holy shit, that exists? Being homeschooled, I never worried about getting back to school haircuts, and my mom cut my hair at home anyways, so it wouldn't have been a big deal even if I went to public school. But these kids come in wanting to take everything off. It's kind of fun to look at it from that perspective. You haven't seen most of your friends in three months, and you get to do whatever you want so they know who you are now. What happens? You do what a ton of kids do. You completely reinvent yourself.

I had that same feeling when I shaved my head earlier this year, dying my hair a few weeks ago, even just the other night of shaving off my beard. It's a simple act, but it helps me refine myself, just like it does for other people. 

New challenges are in my immediate future. Can't get into it yet, but it's definitely a big one once I can. Someone once told me to keep my cards close to my chest in this industry, and It's already proven to be necessary. Some people just can't understand an original idea. 

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