Go for it.

1/11/16 -
I called out with a hangover on Sunday. I knew that they were going to fire me, I only earn 2 hours of time off per pay period. Due to the part-time hours, It takes two months to accrue enough PTO to take a single day off. Having used all of my time on 12/14 for boards and Hailie's birthday, I knew the process because I used to be in a position to enforce that process.

For the past month, I had been trying to decide how I wanted to leave call centers. I had decided that I was going to give an epic fuck you (with 12 years of call center rage backing it) to the first person who portrayed to me a sense of entitlement. But as I drove to work that morning, knowing it was going to be my last day, I didn't want to fall victim to that. If negativity has been my focus in call centers for years than I would have truly been consumed by negativity for an entire chapter of my life by ending that career on a negative note. Instead, the last call I took before my lunch was a little old lady who had been fighting over an issue to be resolved for 2 months (that DirecTV was in the wrong for). I got her taken care of, told her she would be the last person I would ever talk to at that job, and signed out. I wanted to end on a positive note, and I made that lady's day. I spent my lunch break walking around saying goodbye to a few friends I had made, and then wrote my letter of resignation

When my boss got back from his meeting I gave him the letter, and we laughed all the way to HR and on our way out the front door. He and I have been friends for years, he had known it was coming, and he was glad I didn't actually tell someone to fuck off.

The end of an era. I cannot begin to explain the relief. I came home and all I could think was "I'm not going back......" And it was about 2 hours later when I started thinking "Oh crap......I have to make this work."

And it hit me. I had to completely let go from a previous life in order to completely devote my time to a new life. Think of it like a relationship, if you dwell over an ex- who was bad for you, you never really allow yourself to fully commit yourself to a new love. You simply continue on in your misery living in the past rather than enjoying the present.

1/13/16 - 
After quitting Sunday, I went down to the shop to help DeVino move some things around. after trying to make the front area a 2 chair room. We quickly recognized that we need to make the best of the space that currently exists, and until we do some more renovations to where the half wall is, we need to keep it as two separate rooms for two barbers. We will make some additional changes over the next few months to add barbers in, but we want to make the most of it right now. DeVino moved into the front room and I took his spot in the back. Today we frantically moved furniture and put decorations into their permanent homes. My walls slowly became bare as the posters and paintings made their way up to the front of the shop, but what I see now are the spaces I get to put my own art and decor. I can make that room an extension of my personality. First things that got set up were my barber pole and a halo reach bust. Tonight I'm going through all of my art to find what is coming with me, and what will allow more space on Hailie's office wall so she can turn that room into her own sanctuary.

I have the best office.

I realize that more of what I talk about is the lifestyle, and I give less information about the product or service that I offer. I wanted to explain why I don't post pictures of haircuts and why I took down my portfolio. I truly think that a lot of people in the barbering industry have turned their work into a biggest dick competition. I don't agree with the mentality of barber battles because it's not about a trained eye and who can do it fastest, it's about the experience of the person that chose to come to you instead of going to sports clips. Make it about them, build a haircut for their head, let them have a unique experience that they can share with the people that they want to share it with. I have gained more confidence in my ability, and I know that when someone leaves my chair, they are happy with what they came in for. Sure, I could improve my speed, get 20 cuts a day, make tons of money, but that sacrifices that experience. Quality beats quantity every time.

Lots of plans over the next few months. expect more updates on fun.

Stay Stronzo