Stronzo goes to the Governor's Ball read that correct. Before we dive too far into that story, let me back up a few days to give you context to what is probably the craziest night I've had in years.

1/8 -

My phone goes off as I get a text from Hailie. "Your cards are here." Since the beginning of school, I had been trying to find the right business card. It was a slight obsession because I've always viewed them as an extension of yourself. You can't just slap something together and call it good, there's the entire process of selecting your design, font, spacing, card stock, and all of the little details that extend your personality onto paper. Mine had finally arrived, and I couldn't have been happier with them arriving 4 days earlier than their tracking e-mail led me to believe.

Simple. Eye-catching. Intriguing. It's everything I could have hoped it to be, and they feel smooth as butter with their rounded edges and matte finish. It was a nice start to the day.

1/9 -

The day starts out with a guy that came in to the shop to set us up with health insurance from YourHealthIdaho. $55 a month after my tax credit and I'm going to have insurance in 3 weeks. For those that have been following the blog from the beginning, you will understand how much relief that gave me.

A little later, Brian from Black Letter Display came into the shop for a clean up, but he also came with a surprise to drop off.

The shop has been evolving at such a rapid rate, it's an amazing time to be in Boise. 

And then walks in Eric. Older gentleman with positive energy just radiating, and immediately was one of the nicest guys I've talked to while cutting. He had never been to the shop before, but saw the barber pole lit up and walked in. He sat in my chair and told me "I just need to even everything up and look more presentable for the Governor's Ball tonight." DeVino strolled over and said "How do you get invited to events like that? I've always wanted to put baller on my resume. You know, like one who goes to balls." Eric explained that it's a fundraiser that goes to the Idaho GOP, but regardless of the political affiliation of the sitting governor, it's always full of people worth talking to. 

After his haircut, I give him a card and thanked him for coming in, then DeVino and I started talking about a plan to go to the next year's ball. Not five minutes pass and Eric walks back in. "I have a friend who has two extra tickets. They will be at will call for you."

We look at each other, and DeVino says, "I need to find a babysitter, tonight is going to get weird."

Open bar + 350 republicans who paid to support the GOP + 2 outspoken independents = Fuck it, let's get weird. We pregame at the shop, took a shot across the street, and on to the night we go.

This comes as no surprise, but we were out of place. The servers were more our crowd, so the drinks came strong,

There was a photo station that was set up with Steve Yates, and I cannot wait for those emails to get to my inbox because I'm 95% positive he did not want to be in a picture with the two of us.

We ran into Eric (not pictured yet) and we start getting introduced as his barber, and tells people about the shop's environment. We're giving out cards, having drinks, and having a damn good time. That's when I start to realize that the terrible cover band didn't sound as horrible as they did in the beginning of the night. I was starting to get drunk. 

Still out of our element, we go downstairs to a cupcake display with mini cupcakes everywhere. Nobody was eating the cupcakes!!! But while I was distracted by cupcakes, DeVino realized all of the Miss Idaho pageant girls were there.

I told DeVino he needed to set a goal to disappoint one of their fathers, but instead, we walked back upstairs to where the evening's crescendo was leading us. And that's when we met Governor Butch Otter.


We go back down to the coat check, grab our jackets and leave to head back to the shop.....or R Bar..... this is the part of the night where memory goes in and out. 


We make it to R Bar, and DeVino tells Matt (currently in barber school, future barber in the shop) of the night's accomplishment, and then determine the night hasn't quite met the requirements for crazy. We walk over to one of the tattoo shops in town and pulled shots from a polish 192 proof grain alcohol. This was the prerequisite to getting a tattoo of the chicken on the bottle's label. We can now add "Baller" AND "Tattoo Artist" to our work experience.

I think it's safe to say we're going to stay barbers. 

I've only been a barber for two weeks, and I've already gone to the Governor's Ball. What have I gotten myself into? 

Stay Stronzo