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I've been asked on much more than one occasion over the past two years if I would be willing to perform a wedding. I got my license as a joke at the end of 2011, and hadn't ever thought of doing it seriously. Then one day, I woke up to a text message from a friend asking if I could marry him and his girlfriend, they weren't doing a ceremony, but they knew I could fill out the paperwork. I didn't have any reason not to, so later that night I drove out to their house and married them in front of family. It was a little awkward for me because I found myself in the middle of this really intimate family moment, and I didn't do another ceremony until over a year later.

I always hesitated with the thought of creating the ceremony, but I find myself saying yes the majority of the time. I hesitate because the process of creating a ceremony gives me anxiety. I realize that it's a day that the couple will document and remember for the rest of their lives; and also because every couple wants a wedding that is uniquely theirs. To me, the stress is about making sure I create a ceremony that best represents each individual couple, and that process has proven to be burdensome from time to time. Some couples aren't on the same page with each other, others don't know quite how to articulate their wants and desires, and some simply won't show any form of excitement.

My second ceremony scared the hell out of me. The training manager at Maximus had been with her girlfriend since high school, well over a decade, but due to the efforts of Idaho's governor and attorney general, there was an uphill battle for the state to recognize same-sex union. After three emergency stays, the federal courts finally overturned the state's power to discriminate on October 10th, 2014. I was on the front steps of the Ada County Courthouse celebrating the victory that day, and later that week we were at the the bottom of the train depot performing the ceremony they had waited years for. My boss was in attendance, and he later told me that I had been shaking because of how nervous I was.

I still get nervous about the ceremonies, but I mitigate by giving myself prep time and reciting the ceremony over and over and over and over and over until I say it for the final time in the actual ceremony itself. 

I have been doing weddings for friends and acquaintances over the past four years, but the last wedding I was asked to be a part of was so much fun that it reminded me of why I keep going back to it. I get to be the person that asks the question with the response of "I do." That's a really fun moment to be a part of, and that's why I keep saying yes. 

I know that I will continue getting requests, so I decided to get all of my thoughts organized and put together a way of requesting the service. It's difficult to discuss price because it will vary due to the unique nature of your specific ceremony. Things that you choose to include or not include, the amount of research and time I will need to spend on creating the ceremony, an in-town ceremony vs. out-of-town overnight stay, or the requirement to reschedule standing appointments. There's so much to discuss just to see if I'm even the right fit for the ceremony, so I will take time in a consultation to determine what is necessary for your ceremony, which will allow me to provide an actual cost of your ceremony, but the typical prices will range between $250 - $400. I will only be performing one ceremony a month, and I will be offering services on a first come first serve basis. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about what the services include, you can check out details in the link below.

Wedding Services

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